Established 2011

The Corky Canvas is proud to be locally owned with locations in Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska. It’s a place for anyone who thinks they can’t paint and for those who love to paint!

Like many of you, I never considered myself an artist.  I dabbled a bit and tried new things but did I really know what I was doing? As I strolled down the aisles of our local craft stores I quickly realized that I was out of my league.  What kind of paints should I use, and paintbrushes, there are hundreds to pick from…where do I start?  I became overwhelmed and my creative spirit was shoved in the back of my closet along with my eccentric assortment of painting supplies.  Sadly, this is where they stayed dormant for many years.

Then, several years ago, something exciting happened!  I was in Denver visiting some friends and was invited to an “entertainment-style” art class.  The first thing that came to mind is, “Wow, our girls’ nights out have really changed…we’re going to paint?!?”  BUT, I’ve never been so pleasantly surprised!  Not only was my creative spirit brought back to life, so was my determination to bring this exciting new concept to my home town of Lincoln, NE; and a year later, Omaha!

I hope to inspire others to discover their hidden talents and awaken their dormant creativity!

Angie Lewis
The Corky Canvas