Established 2011

The Corky Canvas is proud to be Nebraskan owned with locations in Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska. It’s a place for anyone who thinks they can’t paint and for those who love to paint!

Like many of you, we are not artists.  We had a dream to own our own business.  The original dream of the Corky Canvas and Corky Boards experience was Angie’s dream.  Angie opened the location in Lincoln, and then she expanded to Omaha.  At the beginning of 2018 Angie was ready for her next adventure in life.  As fellow Nebraskans we were fortunate to be in the right place at the right time to make our dream a reality and keep the Corky concepts moving forward.

When we first learned about Corky, we asked ourselves: do people really want to enjoy themselves in this way?  We learned quickly that an “entertainment-style” art class is not only a fun time - it is a great experience.  The Corky team loves having fun with our customers and they take pride in making sure your visit is memorable.  You get to find your inner creativity while surrounded by friends and family in a fun-filled environment.

We hope you take the opportunity to join the fun.  We promise the Corky team will make your visit and experience one you will remember!!!


Mike and Lisa Ross


The Corky Canvas/The Corky Boards