The most wonderful time of the year! Colder weather and upcoming Holidays creates the opportunity for spending time together enjoying family, friends, and co-workers. Although it is a very busy time, our team is filled with excitement for new designs and enjoying proven designs. All of us love seeing customers make special memories together!!!

Our amazing team is inspired by faith, relationships, and emotion when they work on new designs. Managers Amy in Lincoln and Ashton in Omaha have a positive energy that resonates through the team. Our culture is one of fun experiences. Our team enjoys sharing their ideas with the world so each customer has a personal connection with their own unique creation. Paintings like “there’s snowplace like home”, or door hanger “grateful, thankful, blessed”, and board “keep the change ya filthy animal” each have a special person wanting to make a memory with them.

We hope the upcoming Holiday season is a special one for you and those in your life. From our Corky family to each of you – we wish you a memory filled Holiday season!

– Mike, Lisa, and the Corky family